Sunday, May 21, 2017

Brazil: Teen films herself microwaving her pet guinea pig then uploads the video online, thinking everyone would think she was clever

BRAZIL -- A teenage girl has caused outrage after she allegedly posted a video online showing how she “cooked” her guinea pig by putting it in a microwave.

The 16-year-old girl, identified as Vitoria Muller, from Brazil, is accused of microwaving her pet after being encouraged by friends to do it, according to local reports.

The accused girl was slammed on social media for her cruelty against this poor animal.

Authorities said they seized the animal and transferred it to a vet to be seen to.

Despite the distressing ordeal, the vet said the guinea pig was not injured. It was not returned to the girl or her family.

Her dad said he took her to the authorities, where she was made to explain the reasons behind her cruel act and was forced to apologize for her “shameful behavior”.

He said: “My daughter was already punished for her bad behavior. The animal is fine and in the name of all my family we apologize.

The dad added: “We all take care of animals in this house and we would never let something like this happen. We apologize again for all that happened.”


Some have started an online campaign calling for her to be punished using the hashtag #PunicaoParaVitoria – which translates to “Punishment For Vitoria”.

One user wrote: “I cannot believe she was cooking the poor animal”.

Another added: “What a b***h. Abusing a small animal like this… only to get more followers.”

The girl has since deleted her social media accounts following the backlash.

(The Sun UK - May 11, 2017)