Sunday, May 21, 2017

United Kingdom: Jade Dunne, whose American Bulldog mauled Dexter Neal, 3, to death gets probation

UNITED KINGDOM -- A woman whose American Bulldog mauled to death a three-year-old boy has been given a suspended sentence.

Dexter Neal died in hospital after being bitten by Jade Dunne’s dog Ruby at her home in Halstead, Essex, on the afternoon of 18 August last year.

Dunne, 29, pleaded guilty to being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control, resulting in death, at an earlier hearing.

She was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, at Chelmsford crown court on Tuesday. She was also disqualified from owning a dog for 10 years and ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

So she'll be on probation for 2 years, has to do some community service and then she can go on with her life. Yeah, yeah, she can't own a dog for 10 years. She's only 29. When she's 39, there's nothing stopping her from going right out and buying another American Bulldog or a Pit Bull or a Mastiff or a Boerboel. They should have banned her for life from having any dog more than 10 pounds.

Judge Karim Khalil said: “Nothing I do or say hereafter can diminish the pain that must be felt by the Neal family for the loss of little Dexter, aged just three years old.”

Dunne, of Kelvedon, appeared tearful throughout the hearing, which was attended by members of Dexter’s wider family but not by his parents, Pamela and Andrew.

The dog was seized by officers and destroyed after the attack, and the court made a formal order for destruction for the record.


(The Guardian - ‎May 16, 2017‎)


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