Sunday, May 14, 2017

North Carolina: Tammy Griffin, 45, is re-arrested after not bothering to show up at her animal cruelty court date

NORTH CAROLINA -- Tammy Griffin and her boyfriend Terry Beasley were charged with animal cruelty earlier this year, accused of obtaining animals from shelters - claiming to be involved in animal rescue, collecting money and donations from good-hearted people, and then dumping the animals to die on a desolate road off the freeway back in November 2016.


The worst part of it is that the people at the Cumberland County animal shelter handed her nearly 80 cats in just 8 months' time. According to those numbers, Tammy was supposedly finding homes for an average of 10 cats each month - nearly 3 every single week for 8 months. Didn't anyone at the shelter wonder how some random woman was able to find 80 families all wanting cats? Cats are difficult to adopt out - even friendly ones - and yet this woman magically found perfect families who didn't bother to go to their local shelter, but showed up just in time to take one of Tammy's cats.

Finally, someone at the shelter connected the dots and began asking, "Why the hell are we giving Tammy Griffin so many cats? How do we know she's really finding homes for them? How much money have people given her, thinking she's taking care of these cats?" -- and sent Animal control to check it out.

That's when police say they dumped the cats. Of course, they only found a few -- what happened to the dozens and dozens and dozens of other cats?? Are they dead? Were they abandoned too? Did she actually find homes for some of them? Who knows?

Items they were selling that were likely donated to
them with the thought that they were rescuing animals


Word spread and numerous people said they'd dealt with Tammy, who has used many, many different aliases. That's how Grifters / Con Men work - they move into a community, bleed them dry, and then move on to the next town. Although Tammy appears to be using the alias "Tamara Perez-lazaro" now, I'm going to stick with Tammy Griffin, which is what she uses on her own Facebook page.

Aliases for Tammy Griffin:
Tamara Elisa Perez Lazaro
Tamara Perezlazaro
Tamara Perez Lazaro
Tamara Perez
Tammy Perez
Tamara Elisa Lazaro
Tamara Lazaro
Tammy Lazaro
Tamara Griffin
Tammy Griffin
Tamara Hallenbeck
Tamara Elisa Hallenbeck
Tammy Hallenbeck
Tamara Elisa House
Tamara House
Tammy House

Full Name: Tamara Elisa Perez-lazaro
Gender: Female
Arrest Age: 45
Arrest Date: 05/10/2017
Arresting Agency: SPD
Arrest Location: Johnston County, North Carolina


Prior to the animal cruelty case, Terry was arrested on a Larceny charge.

Age: 43
Sex: M
Race: W
Booking Agency: JCSO
Arrest Date: 12/04/2016
Bond: $0.00
Type of Bond: N/A

Larceny seems to be his thing. The North Carolina Department Of Public Safety Offender Public Information lists this rap sheet for a TERRY RAY BEASLEY just for the state of North Carolina. Although I'm not 100% sure this is him, how many TERRY RAY BEASLEY's are there in NC who are career criminals with Larceny?

I had to shrink down his rap sheet to fit so you can't read it. However, you can go directly to the state's website and search for yourself:

Offender Number: 0659278                                          
Inmate Status: INACTIVE
Probation/Parole/Post Release Status: INACTIVE
Gender: MALE
Birth Date: 03/23/1973
Age: 44



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