Thursday, June 29, 2017

Australia: Teen mauled during dog attack in Rooty Hill

AUSTRALIA -- Bailey McLoynes, 15, has been left with numerous stitches — more than 60 in one wound alone — and unable to move his arms because of torn muscles and ­injured ligaments, the Mt Druitt-St Marys Standard reported.

Bailey was walking home from school when a large black dog cornered him about 3.10pm on Friday, June 16. Before he knew it, the dog was on top of him.

Luckily, a man nearby heard the attack and wrestled the dog off Bailey before jumping a fence to safety himself.

“I was walking and I saw a black dog running around the street,” Bailey said. “The black dog got in my way and it froze and I froze.

“The dog jumped at me and I put my right forearm up to hit it but it latched on. I was shaking (the dog off). Then it released and latched on to my bicep.

“If I didn’t have a two-litre bottle in my backpack, I think I would have had my neck and back ripped out by now. He tried to go for my back and my neck but my bag kept hitting him.”

He said the neighbor, Jeremy, came to his rescue with his partner Stacy.

“She took all her clothes off apart from her singlet to stop the bleeding,” Bailey said. “I couldn’t really move my arms.

“It felt like they weren’t there any more. I could see my muscle and tendon hanging (from my right forearm). I’m ... thankful for my life.”

Bailey’s mother Prue said she was horrified to learn her son had been attacked.

“I was just numb,” Mrs McLoynes said. “He’s grown up around dogs. He’s been around all different size dogs, different temperamented dogs, his whole life.

“It breaks my heart. He’s not allowed to use that right arm at all because the muscles and the tendons have got to heal.

“The wound was that bad and that ragged — the plastic surgeon said he’d never seen an attack as bad. The muscle — because it was such a horrible tear — trying to repair it was really hard, so he has to keep it really still so it can knit in time.”

After the initial surgery at Auburn Hospital, Bailey has had countless doctors appointments and has to see a physiotherapist to improve the movement in his arms.

Mrs McLoynes said the ambulance officers who treated Bailey were amazing, as were the council officers investigating the attack immediately afterwards.

She said she had seen which property the dog was dragged in to just after the attack but was frustrated at the lack of action by authorities.

“I’d just like to see the dog put to sleep in a humane way because it’s not the dog’s fault,” she said.

“Dogs are not born like that, they’re raised like that and I can just see that this dog’s going to bite a member of their family.

“I do not blame the dog, I blame the people who own the dog. They have a weapon and they’re choosing not to get rid of it.”

It is not clear what action will be taken, if any, against dog’s owners.

A Blacktown Council spokeswoman said: “Blacktown City Council is investigating the incident. Council will take appropriate action once the matter has been fully investigated.”

( AU - June 28, 2017)

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