Thursday, June 29, 2017

North Carolina: Corques Johnson given probation for starving his three Pit Bulls to death. Does anyone ever go to jail for animal cruelty???

NORTH CAROLINA -- A Hollister man charged with six counts of Misdemeanor cruelty to animals after three dogs were found dead on his property has been found guilty.

Corques Lamar Johnson pleaded guilty to three counts of cruelty to animals on Tuesday and is barred from owning a dog for 18 months.

The Halifax County District Court clerk’s office said he also faces 18 months of probation and must serve 48 hours of community service with animal control.

Ooh, what a sentence! Boy 18 months of probation will sure convince him to never starve animals to death again! /s

And they didn't even bother to charge him with felonies.

Two fieldworkers with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called Halifax County Animal Control in November and reported multiple dead or starving animals on Johnson’s property near Medoc Mountain Road.

David Perle, PETA senior media coordinator, previously said a total of eight animals, mostly pit bull terriers, were found on the property. Only five were still alive.

“A preliminary necropsy report of the three deceased dogs revealed starvation and dehydration as the cause of death,” Perle said in November.

After Johnson’s arrest, Robert Richardson, Halifax County Animal Control supervisor, said only the condition of six dogs warranted charges.

“We took all the animals because you don’t want to leave a decent looking animal in a situation where someone is going to be charged with animal cruelty,” he said. “If you’ve seen different stages of animals dying, they won’t be left there, so why leave (the healthy animals) behind.”


(Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald - June 29, 2017)


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