Thursday, June 8, 2017

Canada: Little Pomeranian named Finn recovered after being attacked by a Pit Bull in February. Pit Bull owners fled with their mauler after attack.

Sharon Minty posted on Facebook June 7, 2017 near Edmonton, AB, Canada ·

Love this little guy 'Finn' who recovered from a brutal pit bull attack a couple months ago.

EARLIER POST (February 22, 2017)

UPDATE!! Little Finn is recovering well! The vet and his owner/ and caregiver are so happy.

Finn survived a pit bull attack in the Millcreek ravine last week and is doing well after his owner fought off the pit bull and got him to the vet. $$$$

Sharon Minty This is the neighborhood they live a block off the ravine. No guarantee anywhere these days. The dog was with its owners and they took off and didn't help.