Thursday, June 8, 2017

Florida: Woman and her Pug named Cali attacked by a pit bull; Pug loses her leg

FLORIDA -- Jennifer J Witt added 3 new photos — with Dawn Bremer.
June 8, 2017 at 10:55pm · Bronson, FL ·

A very good friend Teresa and her little pug (Cali ) we attacked by a pit bull yesterday.

Teresa's arm from her wrist almost to her elbow was ripped and she has 13 sutures. Very bruised and emotional torn. 

Teresa's baby pug just a year old (Cali) has to have her rear, right leg amputated tomorrow morning :( 

If everyone can say prayer ,good thoughts for the both of them it is really appreciated. Also if any one would like to donate any amount of money it would greatly be appreciated the surgery will be 1,500.00 .

The vet hospital is : Archer Animal Hospital phone number is (353) 495-2910 or you can contact Jenny 352 486-1480 Leave a message . Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Thank you in advance and prayers are just as good if you are not able to help with the financial assistance.

Teresa & Cali <3 <3