Saturday, June 17, 2017

Colorado: Boxer mauled by a Pit Bull, leaving her with 12 lacerations, a broken leg and internal bleeding

COLORADO -- On June 14, 2017 my 6 year old boxer was viciously attacked by a pit bull.

She has so many injuries that I can't afford. I had 3 heart attacks an 2 heart surgeries since Jan. 2017 and with medical bills, cardiac rehab, medications it drained my savings account. We never expect the worse to happen.

I have tried Care Credit and was declined, I have filed a police report but have to take the other party to court because they are being rude and cooperative with me.

She has 12 lacerations, a broken leg and has intenal bleeding. Just a little backround on Sasha and myself, Sasha was a rescue when she was 1 week old. I bottle fed her, taught her to potty, taught her to walk, went through training with her, made she had all her shots and care and did ANYTHING I could to keep her alive, even if it meant staying up watching over her at night to make sure she is ok and breathing.

Sasha is not only my fur baby, but she is my bestfriend and she wouldn't hurt a fly. She has the best personality and is so lovable. I'm just asking for anyone who can help, it all adds up and I can give my little girl the best care possible. These past couple of days not having her home has been pure torture. I just want to be able to bring her home and love on her and let her know it will be ok.  I find comfort in this group because it has shown me how many boxers are like Sasha. Thank you for your time and reading.

***** PLZ NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS, I'm just trying to find a way to fix my baby ***** Thank you for everyones support and prayers

Sasha Medical Bill Assistance
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