Friday, June 16, 2017

Florida: Man says he killed Pit Bull that attacked him

FLORIDA -- Joshua Gray added 3 new photos to Facebook June 4, 2017 ·

Good morning as you know I both breed and train labradors. First the creatures of the outside that we brought in the house , and when it comes to animals and people,animals are below our feet if a dog bites someone or continues to bite people he should be put down or buy a muzzle a fenced-in area, something not to let him run rampant like this dog does.

Yes I was attacked by a pit bull , he came running for me and latched onto me for no reason on my lower hand at that time he was locked on so me being a redneck another words,I always have a knife in my pocket, I pulled my knife out and I cut his jugular vein , while I was very sad that I had to do this,the dog has attacked over four times and bit other people and this owner seems to think that,that is okay well today he bit the wrong guy Josh gray rather Josh m*********** Gray and I killed that dog.

Now the boy with lip missing that's my worker and the dog bit his lip off and the owner decided to get on his Facebook and put this,"My friend I pick his lip up off the floor respect pits they don't take being fucked with very well.", and stated he had one bad pit bull well , this dog had bit an Uber driver and two other people a lady at a hotel named Vanessa Lee Vazquez and the owners I think it's perfectly acceptable , not to this dog lover and sorry about your dog but you should have took care of him and the first time he bit someone,you should have put a muzzle on his mouth put him in a cage there's all kinds of things you could have done,you chose not to and that dog rushed me and bit me and I killed it, that's who I am, a mind of my defense and once attacked I will always defend myself!