Friday, June 16, 2017

Michigan: "Romeo was viciously attacked by a pit bull"

MICHIGAN -- M Dianell Dreibelbis added 7 new photos — feeling grateful with Ron Miller and Oliver Rodway. June 11, 2017

So yesterday at noon Romeo was viciously attacked by a pit bull, long story but shocking what happened.

The vet said Romeo got extremely lucky. The reason was the fact that the wound was so large, so deep, and it caused his jugular to be partially exposed without penetration of it. He's home and resting.

Thank you so much to Ron Miller and Oliver Rodway who helped me save his life.

Kevin Snow - Romeo is so lucky he had you in his life to save him!! My neighbors schnauzer was viciously attacked by a pit bull and ended up losing her leg! Thankfully she is doing well now!!!!

M Dianell Dreibelbis - I swear it all came out of no where...