Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Florida: Pug named Cali loses her leg after being attacked by a Pit Bull

FLORIDA -- On june 6th 2017 my baby girl Cali (pug puppy)was attacked by a pit bull and had to have emergency surgery to amputate her leg surgery went well

unfortunately on Monday June 12th Cali had to be brought back in due to the fact that the incision started draining and they believe that she has caught an infection which is causing them to reopened her incision and clean and put a tube inside for draining this baby girl has gone through so much in the past week


we are asking for help for her medical bills the surgery was $1700.00 alone and now today she is going undergoing another surgery which is still unknown of the price we are asking for any help donations and prayers that this sweet baby girl will be ok and heal fast we are doing everything we can and order to help her through this hard time but our financial situation is very rough and with her undergoing so many procedures it is getting very pricey she is such a sweet loving kind little baby just a year old and undergoing so much.


We are thankful that she is still here with us today and just pray everything is going to be ok if anybody is willing to help us out it would be sincerely appreciated

also when the puppy was attacked i was also attacked for trying to get the Pit bull off of her im also hurt with wounds to the arm and stitches . . im trying to heal as quick as possible to take care of my baby girl Cali.. Im also going through a medical financial situation too but im more cconcerned with my baby girl .we are asking for anybody to help. My baby girl Cali out in this time of need.. Thank you.  We have been use Archer animal hospital for her provider ...       ..# please pray for Cali

GoFundMe link: "Help for Cali"
Created June 12, 2017
Dawn Bremer