Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Florida: Woman searching for her cat named Peach after he was attacked by a Pit Bull and Rottweiler and ran away

Lost & Found Pets of Port St. Lucie, FLORIDA · June 10, 2017 ·

Please spread the word! Peach was last seen on June 10, 2017 in Port St. Lucie, FL 34983 near Near SE Joy Haven St & SE Polynesian Ave.

Message from Owner: My cat was attacked by 2 large dogs (a brown and white pit bull and a black Rottweiler) around 10am this morning. We (as in my neighbors and I) have never seen these dogs before.

My cat is very hurt. And we can not find him anywhere. We live in the floresta thornhill area, around Polynesian ave . He is a creamy orange color with gold eyes and has no tail. He comes to the name "Peach". He's 9 years old.

Please, if anyone has seen him, let me know. I have already filed a report.

Description: He has no tail

Ashley Hickok - Animal control knows the owners of the dogs that attacked him. They have previously killed another cat before. They are buried in fines with st Lucie county. The husband of the couple has even served time over these dogs. Numerous fines.

It's absolutely crazy. And my peach had to be another victim. I just hope he makes his way home.