Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ohio: Did you know that Maltese dogs and Shelties can be trained to attack, resulting in 23 stitches in one arm and 27 stitches in the other? Well, that's what Nicollette Flanagan says after reading about a Pit Bull attack.

OHIO -- Racheal Jarvis posted on Facebook June 24, 2017 ·

Got attacked by pit bull yesterday morning in Bellevue Ohio then transferred over to Toledo Hospital i got 27 stitches in one arm 23 in the other had to argue with the doctors they win the keep me another 24 hours

I was tired of them giving me painkillers and morphine through the f****** IV I said I was going home to smoke some herb instead I was highly advise To stay at the hospital I can't even open the door or pick up anything this sucks was the most unbearable miserable pain I've ever experienced. That Pit bull locked it's jaws down in my arms and shook. The owner had hard time getting dog off me.


Julia Ann Miller - I love you Racheal. You are the kindest person I know when it comes to animals. Remember, humans made that dog the way he is and should be held accountable. But, the dog should be put down. You are that dog's 10th victim. Next time it's going to kill.

Corinne Henahan - 10th victim !? Holy shit - why wasn't it put down at 1 or 2?

Danni Brown - Please tell me they have put this dog down. I love dogs and I am indiscriminate about their breed, but 10th fucking victim?? SMH

Patty Mogan - I hate pitbulls they scare me ...idc if ya all don't like what i am saying...Seen this to much...sorry its a miracle you are alive...The thing you need to worry about is infection...

Kelly Parker - Chows attack more than pit bulls...but as with any animal it is how they are raised.....

Brian Kovach - There are facts that say it's not always how they raised and plenty of stories that dictate how wrong you are. Sure they are sweet and loyal to their own family but God forbid one gets out and gets a hold of the neighbor's kid. Many members of this breed are certainly genetically uncertain as far as their potential Behavior and very dangerous if things go awry.

Tish Pennington - I'm more afraid of my mom's weiner dog getting out and hurting someone than I am my pit bull.

Sampson Dice - wow. what the hell. hope u heal fast sister

Carly Brown - Geez I'm sorry love

Colin Gonsowski - Wow

Tony Pitman Sr. - Oh my god that's terrible. Feeling and hoping for your quick recovery.  :(


Nicollette Flanagan - Say dog not pit bull please simple fact people are closed minded an forget any dog can do this if trained to. But i am sorry this happened

Carly Brown -  Theirs a reason pit bulls are looked at that way. Exhibit A.