Tuesday, July 11, 2017

California: Chihuahua attacked by Pit Bull at dog park. Pit Bull owner grabbed his dog and fled

CALIFORNIA -- ‎Brad Boerman‎ posted to Facebook DOGS Dog Owners of Grape St. July 8 at 10:25pm ·

Dog Attack at Grape Street Dog Park

A tan Chihuahua mix dog was badly attacked by a pit bull mix dog earlier this afternoon between 12:00 and 1:00pm at Grape Street Dog Park. 

We feel really badly for the owner as we don't believe she got the contact info from the owner of the pit bull. There was a gentleman in his early to mid 40's carrying a very bloody dog in his arm and walking with the owner of this injured dog to her car from the park. 

We walked up to them to offer help and gave them directions to B Street Vet only to discover that the owner was deaf and possibly mute as she was using sign language and didn't speak at all. The gentleman carrying the dog told us that her dog was attacked by a pit bull in the park. He was helping her out.

We ended up driving ourselves to escort her to B Street Vet immediately. Her dog had blood all over his/her mouth and blood on the right side of the body by the hind leg and was not making any sound, but still breathing. The owner was extremely shaken up and traumatized and will very likely face a very big vet bill coming her way. 

We went back to B Street Vet again several hours later to see if the little dog was ok, but they couldn't give us any information because of privacy.

If you were at the dog park during that time and witnessed the attack or have pictures and/or contact info for the pit bull owner, please get in touch with B Street Vet so they can relate the info to the owner of the injured dog. 

Thank you so much.