Tuesday, July 11, 2017

United Kingdom: Barney Bloom and his wife Jemma Bloom starved their dog to death. He got 12 weeks in jail; she got probation.

UNITED KINGDOM -- A MAN has been jailed after he and his partner left a pet dog to starve in a squalid outhouse.

Barney Bloom, 37, was locked up for 12 weeks, and his partner Jemma Bloom, 32, was handed an eight week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, for the three offences of animal cruelty.

The pair, who live on Hudson Street, Bicester, admitted starving and failing to look after their mixed breed dog named Hooch, who was later put to sleep by vet’s following his ordeal, at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on June 27.

The pet dog was found without food and water in a squalid outhouse at the couple’s home after the police contacted the animal welfare charity with concerns for the dog’s well-being.

RSPCA Inspector Lauren Bailey, who investigated the case, said: “When I first saw Hooch he was at the police station and I was moved by how loving he was.

“He was so skinny, dirty, and neglected but had so much time for everyone he met. It was heart-breaking to see a dog that had not been shown any love himself still offer love unconditionally to others.

“He had sadly been left without food and water in a dirty outhouse. He was very underweight with all his ribs showing.

“When I carried out the interviews they admitted he wasn’t cared for and said he was only occasionally fed leftover pasta.

“The neglect suffered by Hooch could have been easily avoided but he was simply left to suffer without the care he needed and deserved.

“We encourage people who can no longer cope with caring for their pets to contact us for help and advice to avoid unnecessary distress and suffering being caused.”

Hooch initially recovered from his mistreatment while in the care of the RSPCA and managed to regain some weight but had to be put to sleep because of medical issues.

For the offences Jemma Bloom was also given a community order with a home curfew between 8pm and 6am for one month.

The pair were both fined £150 for causing unnecessary suffering by failing to investigate the cause of weight loss and poor body condition, failed to provide a suitable diet and water, and failed to provide a suitable environment.

They were also disqualified from keeping dogs for 10 years.

(Oxford Mail UK - July 10, 2017)