Wednesday, July 12, 2017

California: Pit Bull owner complains and her friends make fun of coworker who didn't want her Pit Bull at work with them

CALIFORNIA -- Teresa Whitehead Howden added 3 new photos — feeling heartbroken. Posted on Facebook July 7 at 3:13pm · McArthur, CA ·

Sad day!!!

Had to take Pistol home because someone was afraid of her!! Said she was attacked by a "pit bull"when she was 5, then at 8 a "pit bull" ate her cat, then as an adult a friend of hers had a "pit bull" and they came home to see jack Russell pieces everywhere!!

Lavissa Charline - Take her home from where?

Teresa Whitehead Howden - Work

Lorie Stumbaugh - Oh no! Poor Pistol! How ignorant can one person be?

Jasmine Robertson - Ive been in multiple car accidents one when was 8 and other when I was 13, my husband has been In a couple car accidents car parts everywhere.. So now im to scared to drive or even be around cars.... Thats how stupid this sounds lol