Friday, July 21, 2017

Hawaii: Breeder James Montgomery pleaded guilty to 55 counts of animal cruelty 10 years ago. Despite this knowledge, Judge Shirley Kawamura refused to give him the maximum - 5 years in prison. Instead, she dropped 33 counts of cruelty, let him plead to just 1 count and sentenced him to just 9 months in the county jail; 6 with "good behavior"

HAWAII -- A state judge sentenced Kahaluu dog breeder James Montgomery to nine months in jail this morning for torturing one of his animals.

The nine-month jail term is part of a four-year probation sentence Circuit Judge Shirley Kawamura handed Montgomery for first-degree animal cruelty.

The maximum sentence she could have imposed for the class C felony is five years in prison - BUT SHE CHOSE NOT TO.

The reason five years in prison was the' maximum' sentence she could have given him is because they DROPPED 33 COUNTS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY in exchange for Montgomery, 69, pleading "no contest" to ONE COUNT. They didn't even require him to plead guilty. No contest means he refused to plead guilty but accepted that the evidence they had was enough to convict him. 

No bargains or plea deals should be given if you won't admit what you did!

Shame: Circuit Judge Shirley Kawamura

Don't cheer that he was given 9 months (or less) in the county jail. Be disgusted that they threw this case away. He has been abusing dogs for more than 10 years. He pleaded GUILTY TO 55 COUNTS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY ten years ago!!! Thirty-three dogs were taken from him this time around... prosecution is no deterrent for people like him. As soon as he's done with his probation, he'll be right back to running a puppy mill. After all, the state of Hawaii has let him do it for more than 10 years.

The felony charge stems from the discovery in May last year of a severely malnourished puppy in a garbage bin outside Montgomery’s Mahakea Road home.

(Star Advertiser - July 20, 2017)


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