Monday, July 3, 2017

Indiana: Man's Great Pyrenees named Eleanor grabs Pit Bull after it attacks Border Collie

INDIANA -- Dave Kramer posted on Facebook July 1, 2017 ·

My border collie was just attacked by a pit bull while we were out walking (my dogs were on a leash). The pit bull failed to account for the other dog present.

Eleanor stood and watched the fight for a few moments confused as to what to do.

When the border collie yelped in pain, the Great Pyrenees sprung into action and in seconds the pit bull was subdued on his back with my Great Pyrenees holding him down by the throat. She didn't do anything more except adjust her grip on his throat every now and then until the owner showed up.

I told Eleanor to let him go and she did and stepped back and just looked on as the pit bull and owner retreated from the field of battle.

While not a vicious attack dog, don't mess with a Great Pyrenees's pack or you'll find out that they are capable of a great amount of measured violence. She saved her sister from vicious injury or possibly death and then went on like this was an every day occurrence.

Good dog Eleanor, good dog.