Sunday, July 9, 2017

Michigan: Animal rescue posts a story on their Facebook page about a Pit Bull attacking a little girl and the NUTTERS GO HAM on them

MICHIGAN -- It all started innocently enough. No Place Like Home Rescue of Michigan posted an article from News5 Cleveland about a little girl, 6, who'd been viciously attacked by a Pit Bull, leaving her in critical condition.

Along with the link, they commented: "Guess what breed attacked the the kid? The family pet PIT BULL of course. Never a pet. Always a threat."

Most of my readers would agree 100% with them.  They'd click on the article link, like I did, and read the details. But the nutters have come out in force against this small Michigan rescue and are bombarding them with hateful messages, including threats to "shut them down".

Mary Kinney - What a bunch of idiots running this page. You call yourself a rescue. You don't deserve the name. I have had pit bulls in my childcare home for 12 years. Best dog ever!

Michelle Lilly What a dumb thing to say! You are ignorant.

Michelle Lea People like you are the threat

Melissa P Clark This cannot be a legit rescue. How do you call yourself one when you post crap like this????

Kanita Pettíes - You are disgusting and a murderer!!! You are NOT an animal rescuer or lover. YOU ARE TRASH!!!

Sue Street Wow. - Racism of a beautiful breed of dog. You people make me sick.

Alyssa MacLachlan - The dog breed that bites the most people by population? Dalmations. There's not a huge number of them in the US compared to pit bulls, but the average Dalmation is still more likely to bite than the average pit by a significant margin. Yet somehow, this never comes up on insurance paperwork or in conversations like this.

Christina Manges - You call yourself a rescue, sorry I think you need to educate yourself on the breed. Dogs are as only good as their owners, shame on you!!!

Teresa DeLuca - Seriously??? How can you post this?? A rescue?? Honestly?

Stacy Lyn Rogers - Pit bulls are wonderful dogs. You are hateful call yourself a rescue.

Rachel Lawrence - Kid probably constantly picked on the dog and the poor thing probably had enough. Any breed would do that with enough provocation. That's bad parenting. Only bad humans make bad dogs, just like bad parents make bad kids.

E'Laura Conrad  - why don't you go "rescue" cats instead. You're obviously not helping the canine community. Ps where on this page are ANY of your adoptable dogs? Dead in the back of your car perhaps?

Regina Morovitz - You're a special kind of stupid. Need to ban idiots like you

Shelley Sheba Rjht - You're not a rescue. You're a hater of dogs. I have pittbulls amstaffys n bullarabs. I rescue pups and dogs and its places like urs is why so many ppl are ignorant to these breeds

Kristina Morales - You are a sorry excuse for a rescue and need to have your 501c3 revoked. I am going to make it my mission to start writing the Federal government regarding your comments, statements and actions as a rescue. You are to do no harm, save every animal possible regardless of breed because they did not choose who or what they have become.

Sandra Nathan-Taylor - Why arent you advertizing attacks from other dogs? At the end of the day every dog has the intinct to attact at any given time including humans.. you would have to be a complete idiot to think otherwise. Are you saying you are an idiot? If so.. good on you.. you are on the road to recovery.

Teresa Schuster-Jones - You people are beyond stupid and should not be allowed to call yourselves a rescue. You know nothing about dogs. A true rescue does not discriminate against any breed. Here's a thought, maybe you humans that run this place should not be allowed to breed, the world would be a better place without any of you in it.

KR Stone - If you all loved pit bulls as much as you claim, you would spend your time and energy trying to stop backyard breeders and illegal dog fighting - the people who really do harm the dogs. Instead, you are directing all this time and energy toward a small rescue group in Michigan that simply posts articles on a Facebook page. You don't love the dogs at all. You just love being angry.