Sunday, July 9, 2017

New York: Scumbag corporate attorney Michelle Kelban-Carteron orders a 'therapy dog' certificate online and uses it to try to keep her vicious Pit Bull from being evicted from her condo. Her attorney claims (with a straight face) that it's "dog racism".

NEW YORK -- It’s the battle of the real service dog versus the fake service dog.

The board of a luxury Chelsea building is trying to evict a woman’s “vicious” pit bull after the dog savagely attacked another resident’s tiny Havanese mix named Kinje, who was praised by Katie Couric for her work with pediatric cancer patients.

But when the board of 447 W. 18th St. moved to boot the Pit Bull out of the building, her owner — corporate lawyer Michelle Kelban-Carteron — quickly secured a therapy support dog certification.

The condo board's lawsuit seeks to kick Luna out of the building "in order to protect the safety and well-being of building residents, children, passersby and other dogs," the suit says.

The Latham & Watkins LLP partner provided a letter from a doctor that says her husband Gregory Carteron had an accident in October 2015 and needs Luna to provide “emotional support.”

Oh but for the 2 years prior to this letter - which only came after she wrote a big check to this doctor - little Gregory was just fine going places without his mauler. What an embarrassing duo these two cretins make.

The condo’s bylaws specifically prohibit pit bulls, but Kelban-Carteron is trying to argue that an exception should be made for Luna because she’s a service dog.

If their bylaws prohibit Pit Bulls, why was this Pit Bull living in the building in the first place? Why did it take a vicious attack on this little dog before they did anything about it???

Herbert Cohen, a lawyer for the building, said during an emergency hearing Friday that Carteron was "service dog shopping" - pointing out that Carteron only filed a doctor's note about Luna's role as a service dog days before the building's lawsuit.

Cohen also claims the therapy dog certification provided by the Carterons' lawyers was just a sketchy document from the internet.

The board found Luna’s 11th hour certification “suspect,” and is suing Kelban-Carteron to have the pit bull ejected from the 47-unit building.

The scumbag lawyer and her husband hired attorney Adam Leitman Bailey who has the audacity to insist that the Pit Bull's troubles stem from one condo board member who's a "racist against pit bulls."

"It's dog racism," Bailey said. "What is it - like you don't like someone because of the (color of the dog's) skin?"

The Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit includes video surveillance of Luna’s May 31st attack of Kinje.

Kinje’s caretaker, Jo Lynn Sorenson, is seen walking the dog by the condo’s front entrance around 12:15 p.m. when the Pit Bull suddenly darts out the front doors.

The Pit Bull lunges at Kinje and sinks her teeth into the 8-pound dog’s face.

Meanwhile, Greg Carteron chases after his pit bull and slams Sorenson into a car as he pulls the Pit Bull off the smaller dog.

“In an instant there was a gray blur racing towards me, Kinje screamed in pain and I was thrown against a car by Gregory Carteron,” Sorenson recalls in an affidavit.

“Greg Carteron began screaming at me that ‘it wasn’t’ my dog’s fault,’ ‘these things happen, and ‘it was an accident,” Sorenson said.

“There was tremendous blood,” coming from Kinje, Sorenson says in the statement.

She rushed the pooch to a nearby vet, who administered antibiotics and treated Kinje for wounds to her head and between her ears.

The vet bill was over $1,000, according to a copy of the invoice.

Last May wasn’t the first time the Pit Bull acted aggressively toward another dog, according to court papers.

Another resident, Keith Endersen, says in a sworn statement that the pit bull “snarled and growled” at his golden retriever Hank on the building’s roof deck in September 2016.

Jeffrey Metz, another attorney for the scumbag Pit Bull owners, reiterated in court Friday that the incident with Kinje was an “accident” and the pit bull is not a vicious dog.

Really Jeff? Really? Why don't you take this Pit Bull home for the weekend and put it in a room with your children, your grandchildren and your pets and see what happens.

He agreed to keep the Pit Bull muzzled and crated while the suit is pending.

Kinje’s owner is a pediatrician named Vivian Liu. Liu has Kinje involved in a program called the Good Dog Foundation, which brings pets to New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s pediatric cancer center to cheer up sick kids.

The cream-colored Havanese, “who looks like a shih tzu,” was featured in a December 2016 feature by Couric on Yahoo! News.

Some NY POST Facebook comments

Laura Heffernan - So an unleashed dog attacks a service dog half his size and the owners scramble to get it registered as a service dog? Scumbags. Evict them and their dog. They're lucky if they don't get sued.

Greg Byron - Happens all the time. I think the only people who like pitbulls are pitbull owners. I"d only suggest they carry at least $5k of animal attack insurance, because if they don't and won't pay vet bills, they'll get 5 years probation to make monthly payments or go to jail.

Donna Kane - I don't understand why pitbull owners refuse to accept that they have a dog designed to guard, and protect​ (which can result in attacking). I have a doberman, who has some Schutzhund training, and you better believe I take as many precautions as possible. Main one being crossing the street, to avoid getting close enough for an altercation. She is usually friendly, but takes her job seriously. She is large, muscular, and has scissor sharp teeth for days. I respect, but more importantly acknowledge her power. A gun is dangerous in the wrong hands, but the gun never stops being a weapon no matter who's holding it.

Dash Radosti - As someone who actually has a service dog, she will lose. Stupid lawyer doesn't realize "emotional support dogs" aren't covered under ADA...must do specific task. Also, vicious service dogs can be thrown out. And judge won't look kindly on 11th hour certification..stupid.

Richie Ardisson - Most owners of Pit Bulls have a complex and they are morons...I watch them here in the Bronx and I always am weary of the morons and their dogs...I had one attack me at Orchard Beach some years ago because the two morons who were walking the dog in the parking lot had it off the leash...I was about to kill the dog when the jerks got it in control after I informed them of my intention...if your neighbor has one buy bear spray at any sporting store or carry a small revolver for are entitled to apply for a NYC handgun permit for your personal protection and no jury will find you at fault for protecting yourself or your dog...

ohammed Ahmed Muniser-saleh - These dogs are just to dangerous, one just killed a baby not to long ago. Mother just brought him home from the hospital, left him alone in the room for not even 5 minutes. Dog got up to the crip grab the baby and rip it to shreds.

Heather Masch - Perfect example of a scumbag lawyer and a scumbag dog owner. The "registry" is fake (and seems a ton of 'pibble' owners love to fake register their dogs to keep them), and ESAs and Therapy Dogs arent protected by ADA. Kick them both out. Lucky it wasn't me that dog would have its face bashed in for attacking my Service Dog.

Jan Sydnam - What a crock...he's suddenly a "service dog" This is the crap that paints attorneys with the same slimy brush. The dog IS aggressive to other dogs and should ALWAYS BE MUZZLED WHEN IN PUBLIC.

(NY Post - June 30, 2017)


  1. I'm Kinje's owner. The pit bull has tried to attack us several times in the last few months. We have been granted a dangerous dog hearing, something NYC has never done before.

  2. The pitbull owner's attorney has been featuring their lawsuit as a "case study" on its website:

    The condominium building had formidable evidence. Directly in the governing documents was included a paragraph that forbade pit bulls from entering the building. Although the offending dog had been spending time helping one of its owners heal from a serious accident after being hit by a car while on a bicycle, our client failed to register the animal as a service dog until after the incident. The board somehow put in affidavits against our client claiming the pit bull was vicious, not only including photos of the incident but also another owner’s claims that the dog made vicious noises at him.

    But we realized that this was too dangerous of a case to go to trial. This was not a case with a guaranteed victory. The building’s documents were against us. The waiver argument was a good one but a judge could have also ruled against us on the issue. We were one year away from the 6 year statute of limitations where the dog could not be evicted under the corporate documents.

    Trying to save money and put an end to the litigation, we advised our client to apply to the Human Rights Commission, which not only took the case but sued the building and the board for discrimination for denying the pit bull owner a service dog.

    The stars started to align for us.

    the board lost its motion for a preliminary injunction in court and lost every court battle thrown upon our clients. The board must have been losing faith in their attorneys and the case.

    The board caved. A settlement agreement was reached. The mix-breed pit bull got to stay in her home, making her parents happy.