Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pennsylvania: Michelle Hawkins-Pena and Billy Pena accused of starving their animals

PENNSYLVANIA -- The Bucks County SPCA has seized three starving horses from a property in Bedminster, along with other animals.

The owners are now facing animal cruelty charges.


A shocking photo shows one Bucks County Humane Officer and a volunteer seizing one of the horses, whose ribs are clearly visible.

FOX 29 stopped by the property after being tipped off about the near-death conditions of the animals.

Now, after an investigation, officials have removed three horses, as well as six chickens and a pot-bellied pig.


Animal cruelty charges are pending against the owners of the animals, Michelle Hawkins-Pena and Billy Pena.

Michelle Hawkins-Pena had previously claimed to the Chief of Police that she had rescued them "from the race track".

“We appreciate the support and collaboration of the community and the Bedminster Police Department.

"Despite ordering the owner to provide necessary nutrition and veterinary care, the animals conditions continued to decline and a search warrant was served,” said Humane Society Police Officer Nikki Thompson. 

“A case like this one requires patience and multiple visits to collect sufficient evidence to maximize the likelihood of a conviction of animal cruelty.”

A veterinarian, who is now overseeing the care of the animals, hopes for a full recovery despite the long road ahead.

The Bucks County SPCA is asking for donations to cover the food and medical expenses for the animals.



Woman on Facebook says the two gray horses belong to her:


(Fox29 - July 29, 2017)


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