Sunday, July 30, 2017

(May 2017) New Mexico: Man raising money for his mom after her Corgi was mauled by a Pit Bull tells us, "I have nothing against Pit Bulls"

NEW MEXICO -- My mother's dog was attacked by her neighbor's Pit bull.

Please understand that I have nothing against pit bulls, just so happens that was the breed.

Does he think he'll get more donations if he apologizes for mentioning it was a Pit Bull that attacked? When loved ones are in car accidents, do their relatives tell us, "Please understand I have nothing against Toyotas, just so happens that was the car that slammed into her"??? 

Please do not EVER give people like this your hard-earned money. Find someone else who won't be an apologist. On the other hand, the money is going to his mother, who probably doesn't have the same apologist attitude after seeing her beloved Corgi nearly mauled to death.

She lives in a rural area South of Albuquerque, NM. Her neighbor's are total piles of sh**. She is trying to move to Colorado to be here with her sons and grandson. This very expensive event has set back her home renovations, which need to be done to sell the house. Her neighbors don't care about what happened and are not going to do anything about it. She spends so much time and money rescuing animals and helping everyone around her, please show her that what she does matters and doesn't go unappreciated.

Gidget is doing better. Still having a hard time eating any food. There have not been any set backs, so that's wonderful. Thank you to everyone for your help and support!!

GoFundMe: Welsh Corgi brutally attacked
Created May 6, 2017 by Dave Nelson
on behalf of Catherine Neumann