Sunday, July 30, 2017

United Kingdom: Labradoodle named Tilly attacked by Pit Bull; police officer pepper sprays Pit Bull

UNITED KINGDOM -- Sharon Crampton added 2 new photos to Facebook July 28 at 1:18pm ·

Poor Tilly has been attacked by a Pit Bull dog.

Completely unprovoked, the dog just leapt on her, outside a shop, and it would have killed her if a passing policeman had not intervened with his pepper spray (the dog's owner + my dad + a man driving past, who stopped his car to try to help, could not tear it off Tilly).

CCTV footage shows the attack clearly. She has been operated on and is very poorly. Tilly is the softest, most friendly dog I have ever known. This is just so upsetting.

The #DangerousDogsAct has to be brought in to action to stop people being able to buy these dangerous animals (they may not be dangerous in "the right hands" but they sure as hell are in "the wrong hands").

Tilly is a large dog and has such a thick coat - imagine the damage to a small, thin-coated dog, or a child!