Sunday, July 30, 2017

Washington: Toddler gets 70+ stitches in the face after being attacked by her babysitter's Pit Bull.

WASHINGTON -- Yesterday evening while her mother was a work this beautiful baby Dahlia Avery was [attacked] in the face by the babysitter's dog.

Samantha (Sam) a dear friend of mine and coworker was just leaving her shift as I arrived, Sam was anxious to get out the door to pick up her daughters. Little did she know ten minutes prior, her little love Dahlia was bitten in the face by a pit bull.

When Sam arrived the ambulance was already there waiting for her and caring for Dahlia. Together they drove 120 mph to Seattle's Harborview where Dahlia received more then 70 stitches to repair her face. 

Many of you already know and love Sam the way I do, for those of you who don't let me tell you.....this women is amazing. I'm not just saying that either, she is a single mom of two beautiful daughters who has experienced many hardships with much grace over the years. Yet everyday she comes to work and brightens our days with her great big hugs, and loving smile. Her heart is so strong and her faith in God will not allow it to harden. She carries no anger.

She needs to have anger. A popular song's lyrics says, "Your anger is a gift". How many other children, pets, adults has this dog attacked? Did she report it with the police, animal control? Was the dog euthanized? Was the dog previously declared vicious in which the owner had to maintain liability insurance? 

If you feel it in your heart to donate towards Baby Dahlia's fund it would be much appreciated. These funds will help cover costly medical expenses. Sam is also a home owner who's budget is very tight and can't afford to take this unexpected time off while Dahlia heals. My hope is that we can come together as a family of friends and send some much needed relief and support to this loving family.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the support and kind words. Dahlia is doing well. Mama is currently focusing on managing Dahlia's pain and making sure she eating well.

GoFundMe: Baby Dahlia
Created July 22, 2017 by Michelle Sprague Pue
on behalf of Samantha Melvin

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