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Virginia: Despite the football-sized tumor killing her dog, Orquidea Tyndall claims she just didn't have any money to get her "fixed". She wants us to believe she's not just ignorant but destitute. Well, she can tell it to the judge because she's been charged with animal cruelty.

VIRGINIA -- The owner of a dog in Henrico was arrested, and neighbors shared photos of the dog on social media.

On July 10, 2017, police responded to 1819 Convair Lane for a report of a sick or injured dog.


Officers said the dog was taken to a veterinarian for treatment and was later euthanized.

Following the investigation, the dog's owner, Orquidea Margarita Tyndall, was charged with animal cruelty.

A neighbor said on July 10, in the heat of the day, she spotted an emaciated dog in her neighbor's yard on Convair Lane.

The friendly Pit Bull mix was missing fur on her hindquarters, her bones were clearly showing. She had what looked like a giant tumor hanging from her stomach nearly dragging the ground. Her nails were overgrown, causing her toes to spread (which can be painful).


Hall and others tried to feed her, but they said she would only drink water, which they filled for her four times.

"If I had of known then, which it has been several months, that the dog was in this condition, I would have called animal control sooner," she said. "But the grass is always so high over there."

The woman took pictures of the dog. Her neighbor posted the story on Facebook, and the post has been shared close to 200 times.

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“I hope you feel really great about yourself, really good about yourself,” Tyndall shouted at her neighbor.

No Orquidea, you POS. I hope YOU feel good about yourself.

There’s no love lost between neighbors, and Diamond’s owner, who insists she didn’t neglect her dog.

“I”m being accused of animal cruelty and all this craziness when in all my life I’ve never even had a charge,” Tyndall said. “I loved my dog.”

Tyndall said she’d had Diamond for 14 years and knew her dog had health problems but couldn’t afford to take her to a vet.


“She was a very elderly dog. She was a very sick dog as well, but I was trying to save up money so I could get her fixed,” Tyndall explained. “I’ve had her since she was a puppy.”

Tyndall goes to court in October. Neighbors want her held accountable.

“I believe an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” a neighbor said. “That’s just how I believe but I am glad justice was served today.”

These women are heroes for picking up the phone and doing
something, even if it meant euthanizing the suffering dog

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Allison Crowell added 5 new photos.
July 10 at 12:44pm · Midlothian, VA ·
I know this is going to be graphic and I'm sorry however this needs to be shared! Please share this so something can be done.

My neighbor across the street has been complaining about a slum lord rental beside her and the tenants that are there. Police have been there multiple times, they fight in the street and the grass was 4ft tall.

Well I guess they got the notice about he grass because when they mowed it she saw what she did not know was in their backyard. This is animal abuse and disgusting, they live at 1819 Convair Lane henrico va 23228.

The animal control officer Hawkins was rude and seem inconvenienced and I even called henrico county animal control to check on the dog to see if it lived or died and she would give me no information on the welfare of this dog!!! 

I also asked would charges be pressed she would not answer that. They left a note on the door and left the house.

Their is a strong odor coming from the house so who knows what is going on in there or how many other animals are there. Where are the officials when needed? 😡



Orquidea Tyndall claims to be a Customer Service Rep at Bank of America and that she's worked there for the last 3 years. That is a pretty decent paying job. Yet she claims she just didn't have the money to end her dog's suffering...

Notice a theme here? It's all about her.


(NBC12 - July 21, 2017)(WRIC)


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