Tuesday, August 29, 2017

China: Police officer creates a home for retired K9 dogs to spend their final years

CHINA -- Many police dogs have an uncertain future after retirement but this man in China is making sure they have a forever home.

Bai Yan, a police dog handler from Hangzhou, China's Zhejiang province has created a home for retired dogs to spend their final years.

He says he wants to say thank you to his 'commrades' and give them dignity in their final years.

The man rented a strip of land from a friend and turned it into a centre for the animals.

Bai says he wants to say thank you to the animals for serving the public.

He opened the facility in 2010 and has seen 20 dogs see out their final years.

Currently, the home has some 16 canines including one of whom, Bai used to work with.

Bai said: 'They are my comrades in arms and now they are getting old, I want them to be able to spend their remaining years with dignity.'

The man spends time with the dogs three times a day. He even wakes up at 4am to give them breakfast and spend time with them individually.

He takes one dog to work with him every day so that they have a varied schedule.

Bai said: 'I want to be there to make them happy in the last years of their lives. They have fought with me side by side for many years. They are just like my family, and I will take care of my family.'

He has spent around $150,000 on keeping the home open and paying for the vet's bills.

His life's aim to ensure that no dog is left neglected following a lifetime of service and Bai says that he was first inspired by seeing a dog who had been rehomed after completing his police service.

Bai said: 'I saw he was chained up and lying on the ground outside the front door next to a bowl of soured leftovers. His hair was all dirty and messy. I knew I had to act.'

(Daily Mail - August 29, 2017)

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