Saturday, August 12, 2017

(July 2017) Connecticut: Katherine Stevenson arrested after her Boxer mix (Pit Bull mix?), which had already two other people and been declared vicious, mauled 78-year-old man

CONNECTICUT --  An Avon woman whose Boxer mix attacked a 78-year-old Bloomfield man last week has been arrested, police said Wednesday.

Katherine Stevenson, 41, of Old Farms Road was charged Tuesday with second-degree assault of an elderly person, first-degree reckless endangerment, violation of a restraint order, nuisance dog by means of vicious disposition and roaming dog, they said.

She posted $10,000 bail after her arrest and is scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court in Hartford Aug. 3, police said. The dog has been euthanized.

Tests showed that the dog did not have rabies, Lt. Eric Rocheleau said Wednesday morning.

The victim, William Chesanek, suffered a fractured pelvis and dog bites to his ribs, hand and bicep. He turned 79 the day after the attack.


Stevenson violated orders to restrain the dog, which had violently attacked two people in the past, police said. She was supposed to have a "basket muzzle" and a full harness and control leash on the Boxer mix.

According to police, the attack happened July 17, when Stevenson and Chesanek were visiting different homes on Iroquois Road. Her dog had been inside a home but got free.

The dog repeatedly attacked Chesanek, police said, with witnesses saying it "latched on and wouldn't let go".

"The dog was separated from the victim several times, but each time it [was pulled] off, it returned to the victim," Rocheleau said last week.

Hmm, what kind of dog "latches on and won't let go? Also, the dog was pulled loose from the victim several times and kept making a beeline back to the victim to continue the attack?? That's less Boxer behavior and more Pit Bull behavior. I'm adding Pit Bull to the tags because these descriptors are classic Pit Bull behavior.


(Hartford Courant - July 26, 2017)


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