Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mississippi: Six emaciated and dehydrated horses rescued in Union County

MISSISSIPPI -- The Redemption Road Rescue, based in Jackson, Tennessee, was called by Mississippi Law Enforcement to assist with the seizure of an estimated 15 horses.

The horses were in extremely dire condition, with no food or water available in their pens.


Sadly, many of the horses went missing between the officer’s visit to the farm and when Redemption Road Rescue arrived.  A combined search between both state and federal officials, with night vision and infrared, failed to find the missing horses.


Five horses and 1 miniature were at the property when Redemption Road Rescue arrived.

The horses were in pens, with no access to food or water, and the mini was chained to a tree, also without access to food or water.

The rescue and their volunteers safely transported the horses to their rescue facility.

Law enforcement arrested the owner, and multiple misdemeanor animal cruelty charges were filed.

(News of the Horse - August 1, 2017)