Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pennsylvania: Horrific photos of five year-old boy's arm after Pit Bull attack

PENNSYLVANIA -- Last month, a five-year-old boy was outside his home playing when his neighbor's Pit Bull which was running loose, looking for a victim.

"Some man knocked on my door and said a dog was eating my son’s arm,” said Brandi Sanders, of McKeesport, about the moment she found out her son, King Martin, 5, had been attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull on Boyd Street.

“My heart dropped. The first thing I did was just grab my son. I didn't care if the dog bit me or nothing. I just grabbed my son and I just broke down, holding him,” said Sanders.

“I was afraid I was going to lose him. He, like, passed out, so I didn't know what was going on. His body was, like, hopeless. I was afraid to lose him.”

Little King Martin's arm was nearly ripped in half. Doctors managed to save it - for now - but his mom says an infection has set in so he might still lose it. Even if the doctors manage to save his arm, will he be able to use it? Will he have limited mobility?

What if King wanted to be a police officer, a fireman, a surgeon? Those jobs require two fully-functioning arms.

I didn't have these photos of his horrific injuries when I posted the original story (below), but a family friend posted them when asking for people to go to their GoFundMe page and help them. They're horrific, but unfortunately - if you're a regular reader about Pit Bull attacks, these injuries are common when these types of dogs attack.

And yes, all dogs can bite. But when grammy's Chihuahua bites you, you put a band-aid on it and go about your business. When a Pit Bull suddenly attacks, you're in a fight for your life.

Here's the GoFundMe information for the family: Help King recover


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  1. "It's not the breed, it's the owners. How you raise your animals.
    And no they're not vicious, I didn't train them that way." Owner of several pitbulls which went on a rampage.