Saturday, January 27, 2018

Washington: Woman attacked by Pit Bull wants to believe the dog was somehow "traumatized" or "outright trained to be aggressive"

WASHINGTON -- Kristi Hein posted on the Facebook group page Paying Till It Hurts January 12, 2018 at 2:14am

Yesterday I was attacked by a dog. I'm OK -- I was just damn lucky that it sank its teeth into my loose sweatpants and tore a fist-size hole, its teeth only barely scraping my leg (no punctures; drawing just a little blood).

A woman had the dog on a leash -- big dog, looked rather scary -- I was walking by, 10 feet away, and trying to expand the distance, when without warning he began barking furiously and lunged, dragging her after him, to bite my leg. She was yelling "Bad" and No!" and swatting his nose and dragged him away. If she had lost hold of the leash, I would have been maimed or dead. (This realization is as frightening as the attack, which was over fast.)

This dog meant business. It meant me grievous harm. Why? Completely unprovoked. Staffordshire pit bull terrier (the cop who returned from speaking with the owner told me). Anyway, the cop who responded to my 911 call took photos and said I should get a medical checkup just for the record.

So here's the PTIH part! My PCP wasn't available, so I went to the walk-in clinic. The PA cleaned the scrape, put on antibiotic ointment, and asked if I wanted a bandage (a large band-aid); I said "Sure." Only later did I think, hmm, I wonder what that bandage will cost? $8? $15? $25? And the entire appt.? (My tetanus shot was up to date, so didn't need that.) Well, it will be the Medicare allowed amount, and I will send the bill to the woman (who lives four houses from us). (It turns out it's her son's dog, it has attacked other animals before, and they will likely euthanize it. Sad.)