Saturday, March 31, 2018

Iowa: "Pit Bulls get a bad rap" woman complains - while telling us her husband was attacked by a Pit Bull

IOWA -- Janice Paraniuk Zumbrunnen posted on Facebook March 15, 2018 ·

So Joe gets bit by a Pit Bull yesterday that was running loose and it broke his skin and bled. It wasn't bad thank goodness but Joe found the owner and told him what happened.

His response? What do you want me to do about it????

Joe demanded a rabies certificate at this point and the guy said he doesn't have one to show him and didn't want to hear anymore about it. The cops had to get involved so that Joe's SIMPLE request of producing a rabies certificate could be done. The cops knew the guy and got the info for Joe and again, thank goodness, the dog had a rabies shot so Joe was happy about that.

This could of course happen with any breed of dog and everyone knows how much we love dogs but are sick of irresponsible owners like this. This is also a big reason Pit Bulls get a bad rap because of owners like this that should not have a dog period let alone a Pit Bull!

Note: She also says she and her husband are refusing to press charges against the Pit Bull owner so authorities can't do anything - such as putting legal restrictions on the dog or taking it from the owner.