Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wisconsin: Family starts fundraiser for their newly adopted dog that was being mauled by two Pit Bulls until her owner shot them

WISCONSIN -- We adopted our sweet Pepper a little over a month ago from the Humane Society.

My husband, Mike, was taking Pepper out for her evening walk on Saturday, March 3rd, when just a few steps from being in our yard, the neighbor's pit bulls viciously attacked Pepper.

Mike tried to fight the pit bulls off of Pepper, as they both latched on and wouldn't let go.  He fought and screamed for help for almost 5 minutes, but no one came.

As a last resort, my husband left Pepper to run get his gun.  The pit bulls still wouldn't let go. Mike fired 3 shots. The first pit bull released her once it was shot. The other (larger) pit bull wouldn't release her until Mike had fired 2 shots into his chest.  They were relentless!

Pepper had to have emergency surgery for the crushing injuries.  10 lacerations that had 2 to 12 stitches each (estimated about 75 stitches).  She has 2 drains, one internal, and one external.  She's in a lot of pain and on a regimen of pain medication and tranquilizers, plus a few others.

In the past few days, she's lost some stitches and we've found that she has an infection, even though she's on antibiotics.  Her extermal pump isn't functioning because of the popped stitches.  She has to see a specialist and have surgery again to remove the dying skin around the stitches.


We aren't able to afford to pay for another surgery, but we don't want to lose our sweet little puppy.  We didn't rescue her so she could die a violent death.

The news covered the story (see linked story), and we are asking for everyone for help with this. Despite all of the pain she was in, Pepper still wags her tail when we pet her. She loves us and we love her.

Update 1
The skin has died around the original stitches. She’s in surgery now to get restitched and have the drains put back in. In these crushing injuries, it’s a hard thing to deal with.

Update 2
Pepper is doing a lot better after her 2nd surgery. We are at the vet getting her bandages changed. Her stitches are holding now, great sign. She has extra fluid building up near the current drains, but the vet says it’s not cause for concern.

We come back on Monday to have the current drains removed. If needed, they will put another in then to help with the fluid building up.

Even just looking at Pepper, you can tell she’s better. She still has to remain calm and sedated, but she’s strong and she’s pulling through.


Thank you to everyone for the support, kind words, and prayers. It’s a very stressful situation for everyone in our family, but knowing we have support of family and friends, friends of friends, or strangers makes this a lot easier.

Update 3
We went to the vet tonight. Pepper had her bandages changed and the drains removed. She has some fluid building up in her neck still, but the stitches are still holding and she’s mending.

She may have to have one more surgery to relieve some of the fluid. We go back every other day to get her bandages changed and the vet is monitoring the fluid. If she continues to mend, she should get the staples and stitches removed next week Thursday.

Overall though, she’s doing so much better. I cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for everyone that has donated, sent cards, prayers, or just kind words through social media. We are so very grateful for all of the love during this tough situation.

Update 4
Good news! The fluid is going down. If Pepper continues like she is, she won’t need a 3rd surgery, and she will get her stitches out next Thursday. We don’t have to go back for a bandage change until Saturday now. So things are looking up.

She’s been trying to alligator roll to scratch her stitches, so that means she’s healing!! The doctor was happy with how everything looks.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the love and support!! When I started this go fund me campaign, I honestly thought we’d raise maybe $50 after a few weeks. But we were close to our goal within a few days!! We have been truly blessed in the midst of this unfortunate event. The donations were a huge stress relief for us, and we were able to focus on helping Pepper recover quickly.

Update 5
Pepper got her stitches out today! She’s still tender, and we have to wait another week to give her a bath (trust me, she needs it). But she’s healing well. She doesn’t have to wear bandages anymore, but we still need to keep her back covered with a T-shirt.

She doesn’t have to be sedated anymore, obviously no rough housing though. Her hair is growing back, and I don’t think you will be able to tell she went through all of this once it’s all back in. She has some fluid still around her neck, but the doctor said it should start to reabsorb into her body soon.

I want to thank everyone again for all of the love. We can’t begin to express just how much we appreciate everyone.


GOFUNDME: Save Pepper's Life
Created March 8, 2018
Shonda Denise Webb Fay


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