Friday, April 6, 2018

Arkansas: When she reported a loose Pit Bull, Animal Control refused to respond. Now it's mauled her small dog, breaking its leg and ribs and severely damaging his neck as it tried to shake him to death

ARKANSAS -- On Monday, April 2nd, Towy was attacked in our Bethel Heights neighborhood by a stray Pit Bull.

Despite our numerous calls to the city regarding the issue of the stray animal, they refused to pick him up because he "wasn't vicious and had not attacked".

Towy was taken to the emergency vet, and there was damage to his neck, two fractured ribs, and his leg was severely broken. 

They kept him overnight to splint his leg and put staples in his neck, then he was transferred to his regular vet on Tuesday morning.

Currently, Towy's owner is out well over $1,000 in vet bills, and they will continue to build as Towy receives treatment for his injuries. Members of our neighborhood have called the Bethel Heights mayor's office to no avail.

Essentially, we were told that it isn't their problem, nor do they have intentions of correcting the situation moving forward.

The pit bull was taken to the animal shelter and checked for a chip, which he unfortunately did not have one, so charges cannot be pressed against the original owners in hopes to recuperate some of the vet fees.

We are trying to come together as neighbors to the owner and raise money to cover the costs for her. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated!

GOFUNDME: Funding For Towey Vet Bills
Created April 5, 2018
Casey Shadrick

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Lisa Cummins posted on Facebook April 6, 2018 ·

I don't ask for help on here just not my thing!! This help is for towy!!

He was attacked by a stray pit bull and the dog had no chip so we have no one to help with vet bills now. No one's fur baby should have to go through this kind of trauma and pain. He is hanging out with us during the day so his family can remain working and trying to put life back on track.

A go fund me account has been set up by other neighbors to help with the vet bills. Surgery for leg is still up in the air. You can find the link on my fb page. I know you don't know towy and his family but they are good peeps and we love them very much and want to help all we can so they don't feel like they have been left hanging in the wind. Thank you so very much. XOXO

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