Monday, April 2, 2018

Michigan: Woman's leg horribly mangled after she is attacked by a Pit Bull

MICHIGAN -- I was brutally attacked by a pit bull 3/1/18 it was horrific. It has not only affected me physically and mentally but also financially. Medical bills, medical supplies, medications, gas, and food at the hospitals.

I have to start wound care and go to a plastic surgeon, physical therapy and numerous doctors. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated and would definitely help me be able to continue to get medical and household needs met.  I would also appreciate prayers.  Much love to everyone and many many thanks for your help...  God bless...

Update 1
Just to let everyone know,, the person who done this to me with her pit bull Has been on my gofundme page harassing people and lying about this traumatizing ordeal. I apologize to anyone who has had to deal with her harassment. I can't speak on this matter due to legal action. Thank you for all your love and continued support.. XO

Update 2
Let me apologize for the people who have been harassing and contacting you Via my gofundme page. It's the friends of the girl who's dog done this to me and they are lying to keep the dog from being put down... Just block them.. Again I truly apologize for their actions and lies...

*Hellen Brown Peagler - The hand is severely bruised from beating the dog in the head. She finally got her off by hitting her in the snout.


GOFUNDME: Dog mauling
Created March 15, 2018
Donna Brown

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