Monday, April 2, 2018

Texas: Our precious Bobo passed away. His life was ripped away by a Pit Bull

TEXAS -- Melissa Medina posted on Facebook March 21, 2018 ·

Our sweet Bobo, we will always wear the paw prints 🐾 left by you. We have had such a rough week, our precious Bobo passed away on Saturday. God gifted us Bobo for 7 years, he became such an important part of our family. Always comforting, always there, such a great companion! He will be truly missed.

It’s the way he left that hurts the most, his life was ripped away by a Pit Bull. 

There is nothing we can do now, but life will take care of the owners who refuse to believe that their dog is dangerous. Pit bulls are such a controversial topic...

Joanna Tamayo Martinez - Camila told me yesterday. Poor Bobo, he will truly be missed.

Melissa Medina - Si Joanna Tamayo Martinez, still can’t believe it! We tried taking him to the vet but he passed away in my arms... Dalilah has cried sooo much😢