Monday, April 8, 2013

Byron Family Attacked by Dog Not Once, But Twice

GEORGIA -- A stray Pit bull attacked a Byron woman's family not once, but twice.

Brittany Wilson's life will never be the same, after her cat, Khloe, was killed by a stray pit bull in her neighborhood last Thursday afternoon.

Wilson and her two sons were at home when the stray dog, no stranger to their neighborhood, barged into their home and chased Khloe around the Wilson's den. The cat, only apart of the Wilson's family for a few months, went under an opening in the stairs of their home, and that's when the dog cornered it.

"The whole time all you were hearing was that cat crying, my kids were just standing there at the door watching everything happen, and it just broke my heart," Wilson said.

This isn't the first time that Wilson or her family has had to deal with the dog. A few weeks ago, the same dog bit Wilson's son, Isaiah. Isaiah was playing outside with his friends when the dog went after him.

"My friend had to pull him off," Isaiah said. "He had to hold him while I ran inside for help."

Wilson reported the first incident to the Peach County Sheriff's Office. Officials there said that since the dog bite didn't break Isaiah's skin, there was nothing that could be done about the dog.

"It's not like we can go around arresting dogs that are astray," Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese told 41 NBC.

The real problem is that Peach County doesn't have animal control. So many animals, like the one who attacked Wilson's son and her cat, are left astray.

Once Wilson called 911 the second time, Peach County officers responded to the scene, but yet again, there was nothing they could do about the dog.

"The deputy goes out there, and evaluates each situation by a case by case basis," Deese said. "If the dog is a safety hazard, then we are going to do what we have to do to have the dog impounded or removed."

Wilson's boyfriend then came to the home, claiming that he got there faster than the police officer when he was further away, and "dealt with the animal himself."

Wilson's mother also rushed to the home, afterwards telling 41 NBC that "incidents have happened where kids have gotten hurt, I think Peach County should step up to the plate a little bit and take it more seriously next time."

(41 NBC News - April 08, 2013)