Thursday, November 7, 2013

Families Search for Owner of Pit Bulls that Allegedly Attacked People, Pets

PENNSYLVANIA -- Taking the dogs for a walk outside her Susquehanna County cabin is normally a highlight of Barb Cooper’s day, but Friday something unthinkable happened along Acre Lake.

Two dogs believed to be pit bulls began attacking the Cooper’s dog Maggie, while the Shih Tzu, Timmy escaped up the stairs.

 “I was coming back in the door, back in the door, because my dog was barking at them, and they were rushing in, so as I came they rushed at me, and plowed right past me,” said Cooper. “They were growling, my dog was yelping and whining, I was screaming.”


Barb and her husband Ron did everything they could to fight off the dogs.

“Grabbed a poker from the fire place and started beating on it and pulling on it, it finally let go, and I dragged it out the door,” said Cooper.

All three were hurt in the attack. Maggie has wounds on her leg and rear, and the Coopers have bites on their hands and arms.

A short time later, Friday, on the other side of Acre Lake, Katie Braniard was walking to her car when she saw something chilling. As two pit bulls covered in blood raced towards her home, she scrambled to protect her own dog Yogi, but couldn’t reach him in time.

“I have never seen such savagery in my life ever,” said Braniard. “He was trapped, one had him by the neck and the other one was just tearing at his flesh.”

A neighbor with a pipe beat off one of the dogs who wandered to the bank of the lake, as the other ran away.

Katie called the police.

Meanwhile across the lake, Ron was on the phone with Barb who was already at the vet’s office.

“I was on the phone with him, moments later, we heard two gun shots. He said they just put one of those dogs down,” said Cooper.

The Coopers are hoping the owner of the dogs will step forward, so they can learn whether they need rabies shots.

“If we don’t find out soon we are going to have to get them anyway, and it is a 14 day process,” explained Cooper.

The dogs are white or cream colored with some dark spots, one was shot and killed by the police, the other is believed to still be at large.

The vet that treated the pets believed the same pit bulls may have attacked at another home.

If you have any information you are asked to call the Pennsylvania State Police at Gibson.

(WNEP - Nov 3, 2013)

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