Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Hampshire: Laurinda Miller, owner of Ossipee animal shelter charged with 21 counts of animal cruelty

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- An Ossipee woman was arrested Thursday in connection with the investigation of Sweet Paws Pet Spa and Sweet Tails Animal Rescue, police said.

Ossipee police arrested Laurinda Miller, 51, and charged her with 21 counts of animal cruelty.

The animals rescued from the shelter were treated for a multitude of health issues. Police said the charges are due primarily to the conditions in which the animals were kept.

A majority of the animals were released by the Sweet Tails Animal Rescue board of directors and are being made available for adoption by the NH Humane Society in Laconia and the Conway Area Humane Society in Conway.

Why aren't these board of director members also being charged with cruelty? They are ultimately responsible for what Laurinda Miller was doing...


The only animals that are still under protective custody are the dogs claimed to have been personally owned by Miller. Without a court order or Miller’s consent to release custody of these animals, they will remain in the custody of the Lakes Region Humane Society.

A petition was filed to release custody of the dogs, but the court has not yet issued a decision.

Ossipee police made attempts to have Miller voluntarily relinquish custody of the dogs, but she has not done so.

Miller is scheduled to appear at Ossipee District Court on Sept. 2. She will not be permitted to have any animals in her custody while on bail.

(WMUR Manchester - Aug 6, 2015)


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