Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ohio: Persian cat breeder Trixe McCowin, 42, faces new animal cruelty charges

OHIO -- A Persian cat breeder accused of abandoning three cats in a Brunswick parking lot is facing new animal cruelty charges.

Trixxe McCowin (Trixe McCowin), 42, of the 3300 block of Country Club Drive in Montville Township, was charged with cruelty to animals earlier this month.

McCowin also is facing charges of criminal trespass and abandoning animals, to which she pleaded not guilty in Medina Municipal Court last December. Her court date was scheduled for Wednesday, but the case was delayed after the new charge was filed Monday.

According to court records, the violation date for the new charge is Oct. 1 — almost a month and a half before police found three cats in a parking lot on Town Center Boulevard in Brunswick. It was unclear if the new charge was related to the Brunswick incident.

Prosecuting attorney Jeffrey Holland said he couldn’t talk about the incident connected to the new charge. But he said animal cruelty charges often are delayed because a veterinarian report on an animal’s condition takes time to complete.

The Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — the “arresting agency” according to court files — did not respond to a voice message Wednesday seeking comment.

In an email exchange earlier this week, county SPCA Executive Director Shannon Waller said the agency cannot release much information because the case is ongoing, but the two surviving cats are doing well and were adopted.

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The third cat was euthanized, Brunswick Animal Control Officer Mike Kellum has said.

Brunswick police brought McCowin in for questioning after a witness reported a woman in a yellow Hummer dumped a small animal kennel with three young cats inside and left the Brunswick parking lot.

The cats had a range of medical conditions, including upper respiratory issues and an infection that resulted in the removal of an eye, the police report said. The cats were a rare breed — blue Persian, according to the report.

Montville police identified McCowin as a suspect because her vehicle matched the description and she operates an online cat-breeding business, Pure Royalty Persians, out of her home.

When Brunswick officers questioned McCowin on Nov. 23, she told police she cares for all her cats.
A motion was filed to combine the new charge and the other two charges into one case. As of Wednesday afternoon, the cases were separate.

The arraignment for the new charge is set for 8:30 a.m. Feb. 19 in Medina Municipal Court.

(Medina County Gazette - Feb 10, 2016)



  1. Very sad. I have cat, Persians and yes they are alot of work. But who could do this to animals? She makes enough money off them that she could afford vet care, grooming, etc. Cat's are not employment. Sad, very sad

    1. I did not do this. I was found not guilty with proof, and aquitted of affairs all charges related to these cats. These cats were not or ever were any of my cats or kittens. Yes it is sad that anyone would do this to any animal, let alone persian kitties.

    2. I bought a cat from Trixie. His name is Toby. I love him. She seems to be legit, and so we're all of her kittens. I find any of this to be true, and it would be unfair for this to tarnish her business.