Monday, September 5, 2016

New York: Robert Webster Jr., 43, gets prison sentence after pleading guilty to killing horse

NEW YORK -- The Verona man accused of killing a horse in Kirkland, among several other crimes, pleaded guilty this morning and said he is taking medication for his mental health issues.


Robert R. Webster Jr., 43, appeared before Judge Michael L. Dwyer and accepted a plea offer of 16 months to four years in state prison for the shooting of a show horse in December.

Webster's guilty plea to second-degree mischief will also cover accusations of arson, impersonating an FBI agent, interrupting a church service and leading police on a vehicle pursuit.

He is scheduled for sentencing on Oct. 27.

Webster entered an Alford Plea, which means he did not need to admit to the specific acts. Dwyer said this was because he has "difficulty recalling the incident and the facts around it."

Authorities said on Dec. 29, Webster shot and killed a privately-owned horse at a farm on Kirkland Avenue in Kirkland. Authorities said on Nov. 29, Webster set fire to his father's house in Verona Beach, and interrupted a church service, impersonated an FBI agent and lead law enforcers on a chase in the Verona area in March.

After he was taken into custody, psychologists determined that Webster was not mentally fit to stand trial. He was treated at a mental health facility and placed on medication until late July, when it was determined that he was finally fit enough to return to court.

"It's very important that you stay on your medication," Dwyer told Webster this morning.

(Rome Sentinel - Sept 1, 2016)


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