Saturday, November 26, 2016

Canada: Pug named Dexter has half his face torn off by a pit bull

CANADA -- This was the worst day of my life..

Dexter was attacked by a pit bull, who tore half his face off.

The police and everyone on the street saw me trying to unlock the little bastards jaws, finally the police got to get the jaws to unlock, unfortunately the damage was done.

Dexter spent 3 hours in surgery to have all of his tendons and cartilage, muscular parts, the damage was so bad the vet said he was lucky to be alive...
It was surreal, horrific !!!!

I am thankful he came out of surgery pieced back together again.....

He is very traumatized, and of course not himself, I have a lot of meds to give give him over a two-week period, but as of now he won't come even close to me,he is whimpering and still in shock, hopefully tomorrow I can get him to take his pain killers and his meds to keep any infection from happening, his hates his cone which he has to wear for two weeks....

At the end of the day, I am so thankful he survived !!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy-Gary Olivi Carmen, what a traumatic experience for Dexter and you. Wishing him a speedy and full recovery. Were you out walking your dog when he was attacked? Was he on a leash? Have the pit bull owners accepted accountability and have the volunteered to pay your vet bills?

Tammy Murray Reid Oh Carmen that is so terrible. It breaks my heart to see animals suffer glad you didn't get attacked too.

Margie Priddle Oh wow, Carmen I'm sorry to hear that 😠

Kim Sheppard Thompson Carmen! That's awful! Glad he's on the mend.
Maryann Young Slade Sorry to hear this Carmen..what a terrible experience..I hope your little dog does well with his recovery. People that own & train these dogs for such violent behaviour are monsters! Whoever owns the dog should be paying for the bill ...I'm sure it wasn't cheap..!

Well,I have to say, dexter is taking his meds, only if its smothered in peanut butter, he is knocked out sleeping like a baby now, no care in the world...
Had him back to the vet finite, to make sure everything was fine, and it is, I have two more visits with the doctor, after that he should be fully recovered... Yay !!!!!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!