Saturday, November 26, 2016

Utah: In one week's time in one neighborhood, a Schnauzer is attacked by pit bull and a Chihuahua has his leg ripped off by a 2nd pit bull

UTAH -- FYI to all dog walkers... Shay was attacked by the red pit bull that lives in the first house on Mirror Lake Dr., just past Spencer & Lauren (and Wrigley's!) house tonight.

We were just walking by and he came down his driveway and grabbed her by the throat.

She held her own and is ok, but just a warning to others who may walk their dogs.

Also, not sure if you are aware of another pit bull attack on Kinyon last week -Mikey the Chihuahua was in his front yard when a brown and white pit bull who is frequently at the house with the volleyball court unprovoked grabbed Mikey and literally tore his front leg and shoulder off. 

Fingers crossed for Mikey and his mom Trudy. The dog has been seen since still running loose, so please be aware.