Friday, November 18, 2016

Mississippi: Biloxi teen who saved his baby brother after they were both attacked by neighbor's pit bull MUST HAVE LEG AMPUTATED

MISSISSIPPI -- Doctors have been working for days to save the leg of 15-year-old Jaxon Ronsonet. Thursday night, we learned those efforts have been unsuccessful.


Jaxon was scheduled to undergo surgery Wednesday night, but doctors called off the procedure after finding a serious infection. The next day, they made the call to amputate the badly damaged leg. Surgeons will begin that process Friday.

Jaxon’s leg was mauled by a pit bull last week when he tried to save his younger brother, Bently, from an attack outside their home on Shady Ln.

This pit bull named Cleo tried to kill Jaxon

Little Bently was ATTACKED AND MAULED on the bottom, foot, and face. Family members said it could have been much worse if it had not been for the heroism of Jaxon.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi said the dog that attacked the boys was euthanized Tuesday.

Jaxon's mom, Tiffany Ronsonet, posted this on her Facebook page:

The latest update on Jaxon is that after meeting with the entire team of vascular, orthopedic, and plastic surgeons who have worked on him since he got here last week, we have decided that it would be in his best interest to proceed with the amputation of his left leg due to the infection that has set into his leg

The doctors have done everything possible to try to save his leg and Jaxon fought a good fight himself. The first phase of the surgery is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, and the second phase of the procedure will happen on Sunday. 

This decision has been a lot for us to take in and process, so we ask that everyone please continue to keep Jaxon in your prayers as this is a very difficult time for him. Thank you all again so much!



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