Sunday, December 4, 2016

California: Little dog named Monkey dies after being attacked by a pit bull

CALIFORNIA -- Today is a sad day the family dog, Monkey was attacked by a Pit bull and has past away.

She was such a good dog, she was loved by everyone it's such a sad way she had to leave us. But now she's up in doggy heaven to be with her puppy Cinnamon that she loved so much.

I'm going to miss walking out my door to get coffee and you Monkey jumping up on my leg all happy wanting some love from me and of course a hot dog ?? from the fridge. Going to miss the boys calling out your Monkey and you coming to the door to get some food the boys wanted to give. Going to miss all the walks we went and you falling right behind. We're going to really miss you

Monkey you were the best dog we ever had. R.i.P Monkey girl