Friday, December 23, 2016

California: Owner claims pit bull is a service dog so it could get on JetBlue plane with him. Of course when it spied Kelly Osbourne's Pomeranian, it tried to kill itVirginia: Aggressive "emotional support" pit bull banned from flight leaving Richmond; owner claims discrimination

CALIFORNIA -- An otherwise straightforward trip to New York City was undermined this week after Kelly Osbourne’s beloved Teacup Pomeranian dog was attacked in an airport parking lot.

Entertainment news website TMZ claim timid pooch Polly was accosted by a significantly larger pit bull terrier shortly after arriving at LAX in Los Angeles, where they were scheduled to board a flight to the East Coast.

A furious Kelly is understood to have launched a complaint with JetBlue – the low cost airline responsible for flying her across the United States – after discovering the vicious pit bull and its owner were booked on the same flight.

The owner of the pit bull claimed it was a "1-year-old rescue with service dog credentials" so JetBlue just let it get on the plane.

The owner and pit bull were seated about 10 rows behind Kelly and there was no further incident.

"Service dog" attacks little girl after she won't
give it her pizza. Real service dogs don't
attack little kids over food.
"Service dog" attacks child, 6
Girl and her family get fake service animal badge for
 lizard and demand to take it wherever they go.
Ever heard of Salmonella?

Years ago, when the service dog laws were created, it was a time when people had a moral compass. They went to church, they joined the Elks Club, the Boy and Girl Scouts, etc. People back then wouldn't dream of lying about being disabled and dragging their untrained, sometimes vicious animal everywhere - next to you in a restaurant, at the bank, to school, to the grocery store, on a plane. 

But now, it's all about ME, ME, ME and what I want ("I want to take my vicious pit bull everywhere with me so I'll buy a fake service dog coat on Ebay and threaten to sue anyone who dares to question me or my pibble").

Man upset that his "emotional support"
pit bull not accepted at Taco Bell
Vietnam vet's 300-pound "emotional support" pet
 — a pig — divides Largo neighborhood
'Emotional Support' Dog Deemed Dangerous
by Court Could Be Euthanized
Virginia: English Bulldog named Big George attacked by Pit Bull
wearing a "Service Dog" harness. Imagine that!
Florida: Woman infuriated that restaurant didn't want her "emotional
support" pit bull there, gets the nutters to troll the restaurant
California: Animal Control won't do anything about killer pit bull
because the owner told them it was a "therapy dog". Hey Animal
Control, real service animals do not attack, maul and kill other animals!
New Mexico: Katrina Flanagan insists her son's pit bull
bulldog mix is a service dog and well behaved; neighbors who
have been menaced by the dog disagree

JetBlue welcomes service animals in the cabin, at no additional charge. JetBlue will accept one service animal per qualified individual with a disability. JetBlue will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you in the event that you require the assistance of two or more service animals. You may purchase a second seat so that the animal can be accommodated in accordance with FAA safety regulations or wait until a later flight (if the animals cannot be accommodated together at a single passenger seat).

Please note the following when traveling with a service animal:
In order to provide the best accommodations, it is very helpful to advise us of your service animal prior to your flight by calling 1-800-JETBLUE.

Service animal(s) may not obstruct an aisle or any other area used for an emergency evacuation. Service animals typically should remain on the floor; however, if the animal is small and well-behaved, circumstances may permit the animal to remain in your lap during all stages of flight.

Certain unusual service animals (e.g. snakes, other reptiles, ferrets, rodents and spiders) pose unavoidable safety and/or public health concerns and will not be allowed on JetBlue flights. The release of such an animal in the aircraft could result in a direct threat to the health or safety of customers and crew members.
Service animals in training are not accepted.

Service animals may not occupy a seat.

Currently there are no vaccination requirements for service animals on domestic flights.

JetBlue will provide assistance to and from airport animal relief areas for customers and their service animals. Locations vary by airport; please ask an Airport Crewmember at the ticket counter or gate for assistance and/or directions.

Types of service animals
Service animals - A service animal has been through some type of training to perform a specific active function, such as path finding, picking up objects, carrying things, providing additional stability, responding to sounds, etc
Note: JetBlue will only accept service animals that are providing necessary assistance to the individual who is traveling.

Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals - An emotional support or psychiatric service animal can only be used by persons with a diagnosed mental or emotional disorder and need not have specific training for that function but must be trained to behave appropriately in a public setting.

Service animals
Service animals shall have identifiers such as identification cards, other written documentation, presence of harnesses, tags or "the credible verbal assurances of a qualified individual with a disability using the animal."

Please note: documentation is not required as a condition for permitting an individual to travel with his or her service animal in the cabin unless a customer's verbal assurance is not credible.

Ignoring victim's $24,000 in medical bills, owner quickly gets 
dog declared a 'service dog' in attempt to save its life
"I Need Kangaroos to Cope" - city disagrees

Man complains after his dog, which
 is not a service dog, is questioned
Just because you enjoy your pet's
companionship doesn't mean it's a "therapy" pet.
Butte "service dog" takes bite out of police car

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