Friday, December 30, 2016

Georgia: Heartbreaking injuries of boy, 7, who was attacked by his neighbor's two pit bills on Christmas Eve leaving him with 300 stitches and only one ear

GEORGIA -- A little boy who was attacked by a neighbor's two dogs on Christmas Eve lost one ear and had to have the other sewn back on.

Seven-year-old Ethan Fain was playing outside in his grandmother's yard in Gwinett County, Georgia when his mother, Tracy Dowdy, says she heard a blood curdling scream.

"I heard him scream and you know a mom knows that scream," said Ethan's mother, Tracy Dowdy.

She ran outside to find that her neighbor's two dogs had grabbed the boy and dragged him over a fence that separated the two yards, according to the family's GoFundMe page.

Ethan's parents said he was doing what any boy his age would do, playing in his grandmother's backyard in Gwinnett County, swinging on a tree branch when the neighbors two Pit Bulls grabbed him by his coat and dragged him to the ground.

"They said if it had been one inch more then it would have hit the main artery and he would have bled out in the neighbors yard," said Tracy Dowdy.

Dowdy jumped over the fence and was able to get her child, but not before the dogs had torn into him so severely that both of his ears were torn off, according to Fox 5.

He was rushed to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston where he needed 300 stitches on his face, his chest, his back, his arms, neck, and legs.

His one dangling ear was able to be sewn back on, but the other was missing and the boy's father, Allen Fain set about looking for it in the yard.

"I had to find my child's ear, I had to find that," said Ethan's father, Allen Fain.  'I knew without that there basically was not any hope of my little boy looking the same."

The ear was found and doctors are hoping to reattach it in another surgery - one of many major reconstructive surgeries the boy will have to have as the medical bills mount. [They're saying he will have to stay at the hospital for at least a month and he faces YEARS worth of surgeries and follow-up visits with doctors, etc.]

Meanwhile, the ear was sewn into his stomach to see if it will start to grow tissue so it can be reattached to his head, said Robert Dowdy on GoFundMe.

Animal Control euthanized the dogs, which it identified as pit bulls, and the dogs' owner received two citations for public nuisance-attacks without provocation and duty to be responsible owner.

The owner says you can see tears on the back of Ethan's jacket
where the two dogs had hold of him and pulled him over the fence

As long a recovery as the boy has ahead of him, his parents are grateful he's alive.

"That child had a guardian angel looking over him in that backyard," said Allen Fain.


Someone posted on the GoFundMe page a suggestion for them to contact the Shriners. I remember when they helped that little boy in Tennessee who had been attacked by the neighbor's pit bull. That dog had ripped off both of his ears as well. :(

Boy Whose Ears Were Torn Off In Dog Attack Undergoes Surgery


"I was just carrying a package to a neighbor," said Brandon Williams, the 10-year-old Newport, Tennessee, boy whose ears were torn from his head, among other serious injuries, during a dog attack Wednesday near his home.

Brandon was mauled by a female pit-bull mix and a large black male dog outside a home in the 1000 block of Branch Drive owned by the dogs' owners, Jennifer R. Switzer, 21, and Anthony L. Lugar, 22.

Brandon's father rushed out the front door, saw the horror on the street and said he did what any parent in his situation would do.

He attacked.

"I took my fist to its face," his dad said, adding he began punching it as hard as he could.

Meanwhile, the large black dog bit him on the hand as he tried to pull the pit bull mix off his son.

"You know how dogs can sense fear? I made it sense that I was gonna kill it," he said. "The male black dog backed off."

It took about five minutes, he said, to unlock the pit bull's jaws from his son's head.

"If it had been five minutes longer he probably would have been killed," Brandon's dad said Friday.

He said he immediately grabbed hold of the dogs' collar and tightly twisted it to restrain it.

"I was going to kill it," he said. "I wanted to kill it."

He said he planned to rip its trachea out, but his hand was so weak from twisting the collar, he couldn't.

(Daily Mail - Dec 29, 2016)


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