Saturday, December 31, 2016

Missouri: Kimberly Anderson threw her dog off a 3rd floor balcony, breaking his bones and blinding him in both eyes. Her punishment? Probation. Oh yeah and she had been convicted of animal cruelty once before, back in 2004.

MISSOURI -- A Kansas City, MO woman who allegedly abused a small dog pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor animal abuse on Thursday.

Kimberly Anderson (aka Kimberly Bond, Kimberly Bond Anderson, Kim Bond, Kim Anderson) admits to abusing the dog widely known as "Roadrunner."


The small dog known as Roadrunner was allegedly abused by Anderson in Nov. 2014. 

A witness told police that Anderson wrapped a leash around Roadrunner’s neck to pull him outside, and then picked Roadrunner up and slammed the dog on concrete before choking and kicking him. 

The witness said Anderson then went back to her apartment and left the dog outside.

A separate witness said he saw Anderson throw Roadrunner off of a third-floor balcony and then went downstairs and picked the dog up by the collar. He said he saw Anderson take the dog around the building and didn’t see either of them again.

A witness said he was covered in blood and that both of his eyeballs were "hanging out".

Roadrunner had broken bones and lost both of his eyes due to the incident.


The dog remains alive and is being cared for by new owners. He was adopted in January 2015 by a Kansas City Pet Project staff member.

By pleading guilty, she agreed to enter Jackson County Mental Health Court, have no contact or possession of animals in the future, make $200 restitution to the Pet Project and serve 120 days of shock time.

Her sentence was suspended and she will remain on probation for three years. Anderson entered an Alford plea, meaning she believed there was enough evidence to convict her at trial.


Kimberley Anderson, who was charged with a Class A misdemeanor of Animal Neglect in 2004 in a separate case (and only received a $249.50 fine).

Why is the judge being so lenient on her? She has abused animals before. The two witnesses SAW WHAT SHE DID to this little dog. If this kind of animal abuser doesn't deserve jail, who does?? Shame on Jackson County.


“We’re so pleased today that a felony animal abuse conviction was obtained and that his dog’s family and the shelter’s staff and volunteers can now have closure in this case,” said Tori Fugate, Director of Marketing & Development with KC Pet Project.

“This is one of the first felony animal abuse convictions in Jackson County and we hope that this will set the bar for future cases to be heard by the courts for similar circumstances of abuse or neglect. Roadrunner’s story impacted many people in our community and we want to say thank you to everyone who shared his story and donated to help with his medical care.

"Roadrunner is living a wonderful life with his family and it’s because of the community’s support that he is now healthy and thriving.”

If she violates any of the terms, she could face up to four years of prison.

Her trial would have been held next week.

(KFVS12 - Dec 15, 2016)



  1. Absolutely disgusting,deplorable individual. She needs to be monitored for future pet owership and should not be trusted with proximity to children either. Obviously preys on the weak and has severe temperament issues. I wouldn't want her in any proximity to my pets or children. There should be a program to report people in her general living area that she is there,so they can protect their own pets. I'm sickened

  2. Can you imagine how she must treat her children ? Stupid bitch needs beaten to an inch of her life to show her what abuse is, she deserves it.