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New Jersey: Why won't Holland Township do anything about Cliff Zager's wolf hybrids which have been getting loose for almost 10 years???

NEW JERSEY -- A wolf-dog has escaped an enclosure in the township for the second time in three weeks, Holland Township Police said in an alert posted on social media on Tuesday.

Residents have been warned not to approach the animal.

On Nov. 23, three wolf-dogs got loose from the property on Spring Garden Road owned by township resident Cliff Zager.

One was shot dead and the other two eventually returned to the property. The second escape was Tuesday. "This animal is very passive," insisted Zager Wednesday afternoon.

Nonetheless, the dogs, who have repeatedly escaped from the property, have shown aggressive behavior in the past and township officials have spoken with Zager on several occasions about securing the dogs.

The dogs reside on his nine-acre property.

Holland Police Chief John D. Harris, Jr. wasn't immediately available for comment. Police shoot escaped wolf-dog "Of course, I'm concerned," said Zager. "I alerted the police as soon as I thought one of my dogs had escaped. I'm concerned for the public safety. I'm concerned about anything the animal could do."

Asked what precautions he would take moving forward to ensure there are no future escapes, Zager refused to comment and abruptly ended the conversation, referring further questions to the police.

Harris has said the township is in discussions with Zager on how to best handle the situation. Taking the issue to court is an option, he said. Zager, who has no wife or children and told NJ Advance Media previously that the animals are his "non-human family," reportedly had 13 wolf-dogs his property in 2011.

After repeated escapes, Harris said the township made an agreement with Zager a few years ago that as a condition for not trying to take the dogs away from him, he wouldn't replace a dog once it died.

Harris previously said Zager has approximately a dozen dogs remaining on the property. Last week, Harris said that on Thanksgiving day he shot one of the dogs on at approximately 1 p.m. when it was tracked down in a wooded area near Route 614. The dog had been seen stalking a horse and killing a cat. 

It was also spotted eating at the carcass of a dead deer and had shown aggressive behavior, he said.

Authorities are asking anyone who has seen the most recently escaped wolf-dog to call the Holland Township Police Department at 908-995-4670.

Holland Township Police Department / Office of Emergency Management
December 15, 2016 at 2:55pm ·

As of 12/15/16 there is no update on the wolf hybrid dog who escaped his enclosure. We have not received any reports of sightings. If seen call Holland Township Police Department at (908) 995-4670. Please do not approach the animal.


( - Dec 31, 2016)


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