Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kentucky: Tiny Pomeranian named BowWow mauled to death by a pit bull

KENTUCKY -- Robin Taylor-Belcher posted on Facebook January 10, 2017

Yesterday I lost my best friend, my co pilot my lil boo, my Bowwow. My lil baby was taken from me by a pit bull! I'm so lost without him! Idk what I will do now! But I do know that mean ass dog is going to be put down for what he did!

My baby didn't do anything to him he didn't even see him coming! I was hitting and kicking that pit trying to get my baby away from him and he drug me across the yard and I am hurting both physically and emotionally! I seen my babies throat ripped out and I will never get that out of my head!

That pit never even felt me hitting him. He is a bad dog and I am filling charges to have him put down. My lil Bowwow is being cremated and I will have him back on Friday. He is and will be missed so much more than words can say! I love you so much Bowwow! Momma misses you so badly!


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