Friday, March 31, 2017

Ohio: Labrador being walked on leash is attacked by unleashed pit bull. Pit bull owner beats the Lab with a baseball bat - instead of grabbing his vicious dog

OHIO -- While having a routine morning walked, Brutus was charged and attacked by the neighborhoods vicious dog.

Not only was he attacked by the unleashed dog, he was also attacked by the unleashed dogs owner, and his metal bat. Thus, leading to substantial damage to all over his body. Including broken ribs, bite punctures and gashes from the bat.


Luckily the vet was able to stitch all Brutus's wounds, and take X-rays to prepare us for future issues. To our dismay, the bat used may have caused internal bleeding in his body and to his brain, however we can not afford for him to have a MRI to give us any confirmation.

We are praying he will come through with out anymore issues. Sadly there is a grey area when it comes to the law and dogs, thus not much justice will be brought to Brutus. With the help of go fund me, we hope to be able to pay his $1000 medical bill, along with pursuing with a civil courts case.


There needs to be more done for the safety of not only neighborhood animals, but the children and residents of the neighborhood as well. We hope to set a precedent for furture issues when if comes to dog on dog violence.

There are no words for how grateful we are to know there are many people who sympathize with our situation and want to help make a difference. I am adding a few of the photots that the vet took with the hope of helping us find justice.

GoFundMe link: Four Legged Justice
Created March 25, 2017
Lisa Topp Semelsberger